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To help ensure your day starts right or ends with a bang – whether before or after your BFIT4LIFE class or training session, come and enjoy one of our many specially formulated juices and smoothies, a protein shake, an espresso, americano or cold brew.

Happy Hour

Bring your friends to BFIT4LIFE and enjoy our signature “mixed up mocktails” such as Tahitian Coffee, Hot Apple Cider, Citrus Fizz, Nada Colada and of course, the requisite Virgin Margarita. We know you will find them absolutely satisfying.


Just prior to saddling up on one of our BFIT4LIFE bikes or engaging in any other Group classes or Personal Training sessions, for peak energy and maximum performance, come indulge and try one of our many protein shakes. Of course, after an invigorating and endorphin-stimulating workout, enjoy a delicious smoothie to replenish your energy, rehydrate your muscles and quench your thirst.