You’ve decided to start a new exercise regimen. Congratulations! You have taken the first step on your way to an improved mind and body. Exercise is the “special elixir.” You will be welcomed by our seasoned team that will guide you through a fun, uplifting and inspiring experience. No matter your fitness level, our staff has the knowledge to recommend the right class and/or instructor. It can be a challenge to understand which fitness philosophy is best suited for you; that’s where you can trust the guidance and support of the BFIT4LIFE team. As most fitness centers are looking to give you a total body workout, we strive to empower each individual to understand what it means to BFIT4LIFE!!!


Come enjoy the
unique experience of our state-of-the-art production quality
surround sound theatre with our motion picture quality concave
cinematic screen measuring 28’ wide by 9’ high. Explore the world
with fellow
cycling enthusiasts, journeying from the depths of our oceans to
deep space and everything in between. Burn calories as our Certified
Instructors engage and energize you through amazing journeys, the
Ultimate Experience as you climb and descend picturesque
mountains, the depths of great valleys, tree-lined streets, new
destinations as well as the remarkable, far-reaching corners of the
world. Our promise to you is no two rides will ever be the same.
You’ll enjoy a new Immersive Experience with each and every class.
Come join us and achieve your fitness and wellness goals with ease,
through this amazing, multi-sensory
exertainment experience.

BARRE: There is no need to be classically trained to achieve the elegant and powerful body of a ballet dancer! Tone your legs & glutes while building core muscle strength in our 30-60 minute, low impact Barre workout classes that combine cardio and high-rep exercises designed to isolate and strengthen targeted muscles. As the burn begins to shape your body, our instructor-led Barre workouts also help improve balance and increase endurance. Work toward achieving your fitness and physique goals by incorporating BFIT4LIFE’s Barre classes into your exercise, exertainment program.
YOGA: Keeping your ultimate fitness goals in mind, we at BFIT4LIFE strongly believe Yoga has a place in a well-rounded workout program. Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, runner, dancer, cyclist, body builder or fitness enthusiast, Yoga can boost your energy level, ease stress, increase flexibility, and balance your chakras (life, health and well-being). BFIT4LIFE’s certified Yoga instructors expertly modify poses for first-timers and seasoned Yogis and Yoginis alike. Our creative and unique Yoga classes, inclusive of our biometrics-designed Yoga program will lead you through a series of standard poses and breathing exercises to leave you feeling relaxed, restored, and refreshed. We invite you to experience the many benefits, for your mind, body and outlook on life!
ZUMBA®: Bored with your daily workout? Then we invite you to switch it up with a fun, high-energy dance-style workout class! Shake, shimmy and salsa to the rhythms of Latin, international, and pop music. Our trained, certified instructors combine low and high intensity, easy-to-follow dance moves to create a super-charged workout that feels just like a dance party. The BFIT4LIFE ZUMBA® classes are a fun and effective group fitness class in which to burn calories, and tone and sculpt your muscles. We encourage enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to come show off your [dance] moves.

ZUMBA ® and the ZUMBA logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC. Used under license.

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