At BFIT4LIFE, we believe that exercise is just part of the fitness equation; equally important is eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods. Our nutritional programs and amenities offer an integrated approach to overall wellness, designed to energize you and promote long-term health. Whether you’re  treating yourself to our handmade smoothies at our “Cycle Café”, enjoy a deep state of relaxation from our “hydro massage bed”, or simply try our natural and organic skin care products in our retail space.
Nutritional Counseling

BFIT4LIFE registered dietitians will help you make more conscious and informed decisions about your food choices. They will coach you on positive behavior change to eat smart, navigate pitfalls, and even how to treat yourself to your favorite snacks. Aligned with your dietary needs and preferences, our wellness and internal body-focused dietitians will help guide you toward a more positive, holistic, and evolved approach to nutritious, enjoyable and fulfilling consumption of food.

Cycle Café

To help ensure your day starts right or ends with a bang – whether before or after your BFIT4LIFE class or training session, come and enjoy one of our many specially formulated juices and smoothies, a protein shake or an absolutely delicious mocktail. Just prior to saddling up on one of our BFIT4LIFE bikes or engaging in any other Group classes or Personal Training sessions, for peak energy and maximum performance, come indulge and try one of our many protein shakes. Of course, after an invigorating and endorphin-stimulating workout, enjoy a delicious smoothie to replenish your energy, rehydrate your muscles and quench your thirst. Then bring your friends to a BFIT4LIFE “Happy Hour” and enjoy our signature “mixed up mocktails” such as Tahitian Coffee, Hot Apple Cider, Citrus Fizz, Nada Colada and of course, the requisite Virgin Margarita. We know you will find them absolutely satisfying!

Heavenly CBD Products

BFIT4LIFE was born out of a desire to help people from all walks of life experience better health and live their lives to the fullest. To that end, and with uncompromising passion, integrity and honor, BFIT4LIFE proudly offers THC-free Heavenly CBD Topical Products; specially formulated to help smooth skin, soothe aching muscles and joints, and enable you to enjoy your daily activities, including your BFIT4LIFE fitness regimen as well as your fitness activities outdoors, at home, or on the road. You can choose between our two Heavenly topical creams or soothing salve, all of which are high-quality, premium grade and manufactured to the highest standards. Created with maximum purity and absorption rates, BFIT4LIFE’s Heavenly CBD Topical Products contain no fillers, no binders, no dyes or unknown substances.

All three products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, 100% THC-free, and formulated with the highest quality hemp grown and processed here in the USA. The BFIT4LIFE Heavenly brand was developed to help promote and facilitate overall well-being, and we take pride in offering our clients a consistent and highly effective product – every time. That’s why we stand behind all our BFIT4LIFE Heavenly broad spectrum CBD products with a 100% guarantee.

Hydrotherapy Heated Massage

After experiencing a natural endorphin high from an immersive cycling “excursion”, body-stretching Barre or Yoga class, one-on-one training session, or super-charged ZUMBA® workout, discover and enjoy a perfect way to just chill and relax. BFIT4LIFE’s massage room is a calm, serene place for you to escape after your workout, soothe your muscles and joints, get relief from back pain, and reduce your stress level. It’s equipped with a professional chiropractic hydrotherapeutic heated massage table upon which to enjoy a post-workout massage. Massage promotes relaxation and restoration, and is known to promote blood circulation, improve muscle recovery time, reduce tension, improve flexibility and promote a better night’s sleep. You will be hooked after your very first BFIT4LIFE massage experience! Please ask our staff or your personal trainer about our unlimited monthly massage program and single-use massage discounts immediately following a Training Session and/or Group Class.


BFIT4LIFE is teaming with the industry’s leading dermatologists and skincare professionals to promote an entire line of natural, organic cosmetics. Our cosmetics line will include cruelty-free beauty products including innovative skincare products, inclusive of serums and anti-aging creams for the face and body, as well as lipstick and lip gloss… all created with skin-loving ingredients. Each and every day, we Strive To Improve Lives and help everyone Look Great, Feel Better & Live Longer!!!


Stay tuned… BFIT4LIFE Travel is coming soon! For now, we will limit all BFIT4LIFE Travel plans to local and small group events. A nice Sunday ride through Valley Forge National Park, along the Schuylkill River Trail or through Bucks County’s covered bridges are examples of what we’ve got planned. Longer term, mixing a European river cruise with scenic bike rides and of course, trying out unique fitness programs abroad are all part of BFIT4LIFE Travel’s future plans. Unforgettable adventures to Alaska, the Far East, down under and more, all designed to combine everyone’s passion for travel, fitness, indulging in local and exotic foods, and of course, having fun, represent the tip of the iceberg of travel possibilities that lie ahead. Best of all, you’ll be with like-minded enthusiasts who are part of the BFIT4LIFE family! Our goal is to take your fitness aspirations to heavenly destinations all over the world.

It's All About the Experience